CRCSD Technology Plan

Teacher and student working on a laptop

I’ve never been a person that’s been excited about technology plans.  That’s kind of an odd statement from someone who has spent the last twenty years leading educational technology programs in schools.  It’s been my experience that tech plans are often made in isolation of the most meaningful work schools do: teaching and learning.   I can think of several technology plans that are either simple checklists that are very easily attained and of little value or grand statements of an ideal state that contains no concrete path or scaffolds to achieve it.  In fact, I’ve always believed that the most powerful and meaningful digital/technology strategy is to have no standalone tech plan at all.  Rather it’s better to ensure that technology and digital tools are fundamental to all other improvement plans.  For example, designing for the use of digital tools as indispensable and integral parts of curriculum and instructional development and revision processes. 

That being said, one of the most compelling reasons I applied for my new position here in CRCSD was the technology plan that was published last spring.  The plan is robust, ambitious, and aggressive in all the right ways.   What makes this plan different than others I’ve seen and been involved with previously is the laser-like focus on teaching and learning.  Here is a full PDF of the plan.  I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes and read it.  While it is several pages long, the layout and language are very accessible and easy to grasp.   I won’t take much time at all to familiarize yourself with it.  

Like all good plans, this document represents an entry point: a place to start.  And, it’s not perfect.  It will need iterative revision.  We also may need to shift some of the benchmark items around to best suit our needs and context.  But, again, this plan is a bold, vibrant vision of where we need to go to maximize opportunity and learning for our kids. 

I’m a strong proponent of continuous improvement.  I’ve found that it’s difficult if not impossible to improve an organization without the right dialogue happening.  Our technology plan gives all of us a common framework to have powerful conversations on how to improve our practice.  I am delighted and looking forward to starting meaningful (and actionable) discussions about this plan with teachers, principals, and all others who design and implement learning for our students.  Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or give a call if you have questions, wish to go deeper or just want to discuss your thoughts about our plan.  I’m excited and honored that I get the opportunity to bring this vision to life.  I look forward to our ongoing conversations! 

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