Friendly Disruption — Episode 17

Friendly Disruption Dominos

If you enjoy listening to content or if you’ve never listened to a podcast, please consider downloading or streaming this one — Friendly Disruption.  Maggie Pickett — formerly of CRCSD and now with GWAEA, Patrick Donavan — an instructional coach at Ames High School, and I have been recording shows for just over two years now.  Our episodes usually last about 40 minutes and cover a wide range of topics related to the instructional use of digital tools.  We do focus on access quite a bit.  The intent is to demonstrate ways that universal access to high-leverage digital tools (such as screen readers and predictive language speech to text) can be transformative for all learners– not just kids who require such tools to access content.

Typically, we also have an interesting guest join us– previous guests have been Kevin Honeycutt, Buddy Berry, Kirk Behnke, Denise DeCoste, and CRCSD’s own Noreen Bush.  In our most recent episode, we look back and review some of the most powerful conversations we’ve had the last year.  We do have some exciting guests already lined up for the 2018-19 school year: Iowa DoE Special Education Director, Barb Guy, and universal design (UDL) for learning and accessible educational materials (AEM) guru Mke Marotta just to name a couple. I realize that podcasts are not for everyone.   But, if you need something to listen to on the way to work or during your downtime, please give us a listen.

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