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At our meeting on 10/22/18, the Student Information System Steering Committee has reached a strong consensus for a recommendation regarding a product.  The study process was part of our district’s Technology Plan. The voting process was conducted through a two-tiers –both individually and in small groups.  The steering committee has recommended that we adopt Infinite Campus as our SIS for the 2019-20 school year.
This recommendation will not be enacted unless approved by the Board of Education.  I hope to present this recommendation to the CRCSD Board of Education at the 11/12/18 meeting.  Again, nothing will be finalized until the Board approves the change.  If the Board approves the recommendation, I will share more detailed information regarding project planning and implementation timelines including data conversion plans and professional learning.
Here is a quick review of the selection process:

  • A representative steering committee was assembled and met to set the context for the study on 9/10/18.  The study was focused around 8 learner-centered SIS selection criteria statements.
  • A series of product demonstrations were held on 9/18 and 9/19.  These demos were targeted at specific user audiences: schedulers, secretaries, health workers, teachers, etc…  All certified and administrative staff were invited to attend the teacher demo.
  • The steering committee met on 10/4 and reviewed demonstration feedback.  The results of that can be found here.  
  • On 10/22 the team met to craft a recommendation.  Each steering committee individually voted for either PowerSchool or Infinite Campus on each learner-centered selection criteria.  The results were as follows: 96% of all votes were for Infinite Campus.  We then split the team into three groups and asked each group to name a recommended product and formulate recommendation language.  All three groups selected Infinite Campus.
Campus vs. PowerSchool voting results
The 8 learner-centered SIS selection criteria are along the top. Votes for Campus are in red and PowerSchool are in blue.

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind as there are a lot of moving parts this fall.

  • The SIS study process will not impact the use of Canvas.  The Technology Plan does not call for the study of our LMS (Canvas) for two years.  So, if you are using Canvas to create learning experiences, please continue to do so!
  • The student device study process will launch on 10/24/18.  More complete information is available here on that process.

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