Building a Vision for What Learning Could Be…


Friday was a really good day!  Kevin Honeycutt was here at CRCSD.  From 7:30 AM to about 12:45 PM he presented to a group of about sixty comprised of principals, IDLs, IDSs, content leads, librarians, and computer science teachers.  From 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM he shared ideas with all high school teachers and principals. I wish we could have found the time and space to share his message with all of our staff.  Kevin is charismatic and fun to view. But, we brought him here to build a compelling vision of why our work with kids is so important, and what it looks like when digital tools make a difference in kids lives.  

Kevin graciously allowed to record his presentation to the high school staff in the afternoon.  While the experience certainly loses something in the recording, the message is still very powerful, entertaining, and meaningful.  I would encourage you to take some time and watch it.

Here are the slide decks for both the morning and afternoon session.  They are big files, so please give them a moment to fully load.  Both of Kevin’s presentations were strongly focused on building the case for the use of digital tools with kids.  But, he also has a lot of resources for doing the real work. If you go to his website, click on the “Great Stuff” link in the header, then click on the picture of a toolbox, you’ll find lots of great categorized learning tools.  The rest of his site is chock-full of other learning resources — projects, lessons, and connections to collaborate.  Take some time and explore there.

Working with Kevin was a fantastic launch for our digital literacy professional learning.  I am excited and looking forward to working with our teams to bring this vision to life.

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