Accessibility Coach

CRCSD Teachers:

First, the Office of Digital Literacy wants to take a moment and celebrate Rose Hays.  She was a trailblazer in the area of access and helped deploy hundreds of devices for students.  She worked to create equitable access for students by creating an environment in which accessibility tools were the norm.  Thank you, Rose, for pushing our district forward and changing the lives of students.


With that though, we have an amazing opportunity for ANY teacher that has a passion for learning, students, and ensuring equitable access for students.  We recently posted a teacher leadership position called Accessibility Coach. This role is primarily responsible for coaching teachers to ensure all students have the opportunity and access to learn the critical content of the curriculum and is open to all CRCSD teachers.


We strongly encourage anyone that has service-oriented attitude with a strong work ethic, passion for learning, and ability to move systems forward to apply.  We are looking for someone who is reflective in nature, creative, collaborative, and a relationship builder. This person will work with the Office of Digital Literacy, as well as, building teachers and administrators, the Office of Learning and Leadership, and other teacher leaders.


Some may feel intimidated due to the nature of work with special education and/or digital tools.  However, if you have a passion for learning, equity, and access, please don’t let those stop you from applying.  We are confident that we can coach you around those aspects of the job. All the person needs is the ability to learn, work hard, and be curious.  


We can’t wait to have someone join our team and help move our district forward with our vision, mission, and goals.

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