Get Your Google On!

Google Certification Announcement (1)


The time has come to announce the teachers selected to get their Google level 1, level 2, and trainer certification through the EdTech Team.  As you may recall, we randomly selected 10 elementary teachers, 6 middle school teachers, and 4 high school teachers after the person filled out an interest survey. We were surprised to get 5 more spots.  Therefore, we added a few more people to help balance it.  EdTech will be on-site on August 7 + 8, September 25, and October 23 +24.

Here are the teachers randomly selected.

First Name Last Name Level
Paul Barnard High
Amanda Boyer Middle
Matt Brems Elementary
Cecilia Carey Elementary
Bridget Castelluccio Elementary
Eriece Colbert Middle
Adam Cole Middle
Sarah Davidson Middle
Kristina Dvorak ELSC
Lillian Hankemeier Elementary
Jessica Hinke Middle
Christina Larsen Elementary
Tricia Nederhiser Elementary
Ferida Nuhanovic Middle
Amy Renner Elementary
Carla Riley ELSC
Kate Ryan Elementary
Katelyn Schrader Elementary
Jim Schwiebert High
Barb Sullivan Middle
Amber Tatum Elementary
Travis Thorson Middle
Chuck Tonelli High
Melissa Trumpold Middle
Riley Welsh Elementary
Alex Wiese High
Sara Yedlik Elementary
Jordan Young High

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