Fall Professional Learning Feedback

CRCSD Staff:

The Office of Digital Literacy wants to thank you for kicking off the school year in a great way!  We absolutely love providing support and learning to our staff and couldn’t think of a better way to spend our pre-service time. 

This was a monumental task and could not have been completed without help from GWAEA, Teaching and Learning, School Supports, CCT and YOU!  

We value your feedback and want to acknowledge it.  We about 230 responses. Here is some big-picture data:

The graph below shows teacher learning before and after the day.

The five questions were:

  • Please rate your agreement of the following statements:
    • The time was organized and efficient.
    • I learned today.
    • Communicated a clear vision as to how a teacher addresses instruction.
    • Provided strategies and frameworks that empower teachers to implement a curriculum in which all students have the opportunity to access and learn critical content.
    • Provided collaborative teams time to interact and address common issues regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and the achievement of all students.


Many of the same themes emerged as positives and areas of concern with this learning as in the Spring.  You enjoyed choice, time, and the ability to learn from others. You also appreciated the differentiation.  While many ES staff were grateful for more sessions, they were full. Therefore, if we are to do this again, we may have to take the Office of Teacher and Learning’s idea and split the day.  


A few things that are over the horizon for all of you:

  1. 25 classroom teachers are receiving the Google Certification over the fall, along with 5 teacher leaders
  2. Posting the MS Digital Literacy Trainer (DLT) stipend position
  3. Nine days of professional learning provided by Dell for our DLTs, instructional coaches, and administrators.
  4. Ken Shelton, national speaker, will be here in October to help launch digital literacy in the MS
  5. In November we will begin to study the devices and plan for ES


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