#WeAreCRCSD Bingo


CRSCD Staff:

Do you like to try new tech?  Are you competitive and like to win things?  Have you been looking for an ‘excuse’ to try new things?  Well, the time is now!

The Office of Digital Literacy is excited to announce #WeAreCRCSD Bingo!  We will start this friendly competition and game on January 15th.  Anyone can play!

So, what is #WeAreCRCSD Bingo?  The Office of Digital Literacy wants to spark curiosity, innovation, and risk-taking.  This is a great opportunity for you to try all three of the dispositions. Not to mention, this experience may create equitable and accessible environments and increase empowerment and engagement for your students!

There are THREE ways to play!  The digital version (https://tinyurl.com/twnnayo) shows “how-to’s”.

  1. Try for a “BINGO” by completing five tasks in a row on the ‘bingo’ board.

    1. The first three bingo cards turned in will receive a copy of Bold School.

    2. Anyone finishing a ‘bingo’ will be entered to win one of five gift cards.

  2. Try for the most points by completing different tasks with different points.

    1. Most Points by 2-29-20 = Registration and hotel to Iowa Technology & Education Connection fall conference.

    2. Second place by 2-29-20 = Chromebook for classroom use.

    3. Third place by 2-29-20 = copy of Bold School.

  3. Play as a building!

    1. Building with most points by 2-29-20 will receive a donut breakfast provided by the Office of Digital Literacy.

After completing a task, send “evidence” to Ryan Rydstrom (a picture, document, screenshot, etc) and if you’re so inclined, tweet it out with the hashtag #weareCRCSD.  You can find the leaderboard on our website at https://designeddisruption.org/.

Your building will get 1 extra point for every level 1 certified teacher or for a teacher that took the CRCSD course, 2 extra points for level 2 certified teacher, and 3 extra points for every Google Trainer.  Fill out this form here (PLEASE FILL THIS OUT IF YOU FALL INTO ANY OF THESE CATEGORIES).


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