Bingo Leaderboard

Here it is!  Our leader board for #WeAreCRSCD Bingo!

The Office of Digital Literacy is excited to announce #WeAreCRCSD Bingo!

There are THREE ways to play!  The digital version ( shows “how-to’s”.

  1. Try for a “BINGO” by completing five tasks in a row on the ‘bingo’ board.

    1. The first three bingo cards turned in will receive a copy of Bold School.

    2. Anyone finishing a ‘bingo’ will be entered to win one of five gift cards.

  2. Try for the most points by completing different tasks with different points.

    1. Most Points by 2-29-20 = Registration and hotel to Iowa Technology & Education Connection fall conference.

    2. Second place by 2-29-20 = Chromebook for classroom use.

    3. Third place by 2-29-20 = copy of Bold School.

  3. Play as a building!

    1. Building with most points by 2-29-20 will receive a donut breakfast provided by the Office of Digital Literacy.

After completing a task, send “evidence” to Ryan Rydstrom (a picture, document, screenshot, etc) and if you’re so inclined, tweet it out with the hashtag #weareCRCSD.

Your building will get 1 extra point for every level 1 certified teacher or for a teacher that took the CRCSD course, 2 extra points for level 2 certified teacher, and 3 extra points for every Google Trainer.  Fill out this form here (PLEASE FILL THIS OUT IF YOU FALL INTO ANY OF THESE CATEGORIES).

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