Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Q: What’s the difference between AIM and AEM?

A: AIM (Accessible Instructional Materials) is listed on all Iowa IEPs.   AIM refers to providing resources (braille, large print) and other assistive technology tools to provide students access to print-based learning.  AEM (Accessible Educational Materials) includes everything that AIM covers (print), but all other curriculum resources — web pages, videos, etc…  So, since AIM is part of AEM, we now use AEM as an umbrella term.

Q: Where can I learn more about Read&Write?

A: We own a district license of Read&Write.  It’s available to all students and staff at CRCSD.  Here’s a Canvas course that many different resources  Look under Modules to see a self-directed course on R&W.  There is also a page that has an hour and a half recorded video training that TextHelp did for us in April:

 For our special educators, we have a page on the Special Services Canvas with various resources for implementing accessible materials for our special education students.