Data Analytics Team

Happy start-of-school-week! We hope it’s a terrific year!! The Data Analytics team is excited to unroll a new data sharing process for the 18-19 school year. Data sharing refers to any occasion in which information about our students is shared with non-District entities.  For example, a volunteer or partner agency might need a student’s name, school, birthday, and grade level in order to perform their job. Depending on the situation, different arrangements can be made to share this data, but all require action on our part. Students are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and it is our responsibility to keep their data secure and private (outside of Directory Information – which is defined on page 19 of our District parent notifications).


Internal Data Sharing Needs

You work at the District and want to share data with external partners

If you are internal and need a data sharing agreement, please complete this short survey. This survey will indicate whether you need consent forms or an agreement and will alert the Data Analytics team to create a draft for you. Here is a link to the full process.  


External Data Sharing Needs

You know an external agency that wants to do a data-driven project in our District

If you are internal and you know an external agency wants to do a data heavy project with defined, measurable outcomes, please direct them to this longer survey. This survey will collect all of the information about their data needs and project goals and enter them onto the Data Analytics’ team work queue. Here is a link to the full process.



ALL documents relating to data sharing have been updated. Please discard old templates. The Data Analytics team prefers ALL data sharing documents go through the above surveys. However, if you want to read through the new templates or you need them for non-student related purposes in your department, please see the links below:

1.       Data sharing agreement template

2.       Parent consent form


Finally, all data sharing agreements and plans will receive final approval from Craig Barnum (you know, the guy who started this blog). If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with data sharing please reach out to either Angela Billman (; ext. 3480) or Matt Kempf (, ext. 1948).